Technology has been developing rapidly in the past decades. From analog to digital, all within less than 20 years.

However, the advancement of these technologies have to expand hand in hand with safety system.

Why do we need a fire extinguisher installed in our homes or office buildings even there is enough water already? (UK recorded a fire extinguisher patent in 1723.)

Why every car manufactured has to be equipped with standard seat belts and airbag even we can drive normally without them? (US began installing seat belt in the car in 1930 and airbag was patented in US in 1951.)

Why every road has a zebra crossing or flyover? (UK first used a zebra crossing in 1948)

The answer to these questions is safety, which is what everyone try to avoid as much as possible. To minimize the risk of damage towards life and property.

As mentioned above, NIRAPAI Safety Plug is the additional answer for safety. It enhances consumer’s confidence in using electricity and ensures safety in daily life. (This NIRAPAI Safety Plug was granted a patent in 2011.)


NIRAPAI safety plug

plug is the innovate product that created by the concern of safety. When the plugs connected together, they have to be tight and firm so that the users are able to use electricity continuously and consistently. It is convenient to use and also prevents any accident from electricity simultaneously.




Nirapai-Safety Plug. Plug by Viroj Khanampornpan
is Winner in Engineering and Technical Design Category, 2017 - 2018.

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Patented Country

1. Thailand
2. China
3. Indonesia
4. Japan

5. Korea
6. Malaysia
7. Philippines
8. Vietnam


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