General information about Plug and Socket

There are many types of plug in the commercial market, which can be categorized into 3 types according to their function.

  1. Plug : Electricity receiver It is normally assembly with every electrical apparatus and appliances, tools and equipment. All of them could be operated just in time whenever connected to electricity source. They can also classified into 2 kinds:

          1.1 2-pin plug: N pole for outflow current and L pole for inflow current.

          1.2 3-pin plug: The other added pin is ground wire. It prevents users from contacted with harm high voltage when electrical current fails or shorted circuit. It is commonly used with 110V – 250V electricity current according to international standard.

  2. Socket: It’s regularly built-in on the wall, ceiling or other places that demand the use of electricity. However, if the area in which electricity required is further away from power supply, the user will temporary needs extension cable. Nevertheless, socket needs to be designed to cooperate with type of plug for safety usages.

  3. Extension Plug (cable): It is flexible electrical power cable with plug into one end and one more sockets on the other end. The length is varied from 1-20 meters, depend on the working place. Extension cable separates from electrical device and power supply. Single Extension Plug is equipped with only one single socket.




If there are more than 2 sockets up to 6 or more.

It is called multi extension plugs, which usually sells in commercial market. The usage is using for extension wire from electrical power supply to electrical apparatus, tools and equipment do working in any working place which far away from power supply source.

Sample of Multi-Extension plugs



Example of plug and socket commonly use universally (12 types)



For Thailand : Type A plug and socket

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