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Safety Extension plug, single

Design to market purpose for Safety extension plug, single (2-pin) is to be able to response user’s needs, which are tighter plug, easy-to-use, and as convenient as normal plug in the market, except that it will provide more safety and higher quality of material.

 The major differences of Safety, single extension plug (2-pin) design comparing to general plug in the market are:

1. First-stage safety lock:

The plug It was designed to have clip lock on both sides of the plug, perfectly fit with finger contacting grib. The dimension is 8.5 mm. width, 19.0 mm. length and 3.0 mm. thickness. The user can clearly see clip lock from the outside. (see Figure 1.1) Clip lock surface is designed to be similar to a small fishscale pattern, arrange in line, parallel on the width of the clip lock along NIRAPAI logo.The direction of the fishscale-like surface reverse to the pulling direction so that the user can firmly hold the clip while pulling the plug out from the socket.

Advantage: The plug has a load-capacity no less than 10 kg. (As attach :Tensile Strength Test report from MTEC) and 300-500 g. of finger press to detach the plug. Only one step to insert the plug into the socket and vice versa.

Safety, single extension Plug is another friendly-user innovation.

Moreover, the contrast colour between clip lock and the body helps user to understand the function of clip lock instantly. Furthermore, clip lock can be disassembled and changed if broken, or changed into a different colour for different usages. In addition, it can increase the socket life by preventing the disconnecte between plug and socket from any accidents.

The socket is installed with locking position ring with rectangular shape at both ends of the socket where clip lock of the plug will be snapped on firmly. In the other words, when the user pushes the Safety Plug into the socket, the user will hear “click”. The sound indicates complete connection between plug and socket and is ready to use.

Users can see the hook system distinctly from the outside. This allows them to understand its usage easily without any instruction.

Finger-supported area on the side of socket body is designed to have small fish scale-like surface similar to the plug so that user can grab it firmly.

The advantage of the socket is to provide strength and consistency during connection, to prevent the loosen plug, to stabilize electric current, and to increase electronic apparatus and appliances life by lowering short circuit, which lead to safety in life and property and better quality of life that the normal plug cannot offer. (See Figure 1.2)

2. Second-stage safety lock (Secured ring):

Secured rings are designed to have circle shape with 4.2-mm. internal diameters. It located diagonally at the end of plug and socket in order to balance the weight. They can be obviously seen from the outside. Secured rings are on the left side of the plug and on the right side of the socket. (See Figure 2.1) User can use cable tie with 4-mm. width (or lower) and 25-cm. length (or longer) to fasten through both holes and tie both ends firmly together. It helps strengthening the connection 2 times and helps preventing loosen plugs from being pulled or dragged away.

Another advantage of secured ring is for hanging plugs above the ground in case the floor is wet or for better notice. Also, user can hang a tag to specify the usage of each plug. Balance design creates unique simplicity and reliable feeling for users, which common plug cannot provide. (See Figure 2.2)

3. Name plate space size 8.5 x17 mm.:

Name plate is designed to be on the cover surface of both plug and socket for writing or tagging detail of each item.

Advantage: Indicate function of each piece effectively, which typical plug does not have. (See Figure 3)



4. Asymmetry design of body and cover:

Both plug’s and socket’s body and cover is asymmetry. Housing piece (body) is bigger than cover piece with the width ratio 7.5 to 1, while almost every plug has the width ratio of housing piece to cover piece at 1:1.

Advantage: Prevent user from touching electrical pole outlet while disassembling plug to install electric cable.

Electrical pole outlet is installed on the housing piece. With wider cover, electrical pole outlet will be in the confine area. It is concealed by 3-side cover, which provides more safety than usual plug that only cover half of the side. Thinner cover of safety plug makes the installation of electric cable much easier, totally different from normal plug. (See Figure 4)

5. Designed hole for installing electrical cord into the plug:

It is designed to fit both flat and round electrical cord. (See Figure 5)

Advantage: Grant more choice for users. They can choose to use either flat or round cable according to proper usability of electronic apparatus and appliances and for tidiness, which ordinary plug cannot offer.

6. The hole was designed for nut and screw:

It is perfectly fit for the plug so that none of any nut or screw will drop or fall out of the cover while disassemble.

General plug usually has this hole a bit bigger than the screw, which screw can fall off easily. However, Safety Plug’s screw inside the cover is designed to be like a curved triangle (See Figure 6). The radius of a circle inside a curved triangle has to be equal to radius of the screw, excluding pitch. Therefore, the screw will always attach with the cover even though the cover is taken off from the body. As for the hole for placing a nut placing outside the body, it is designed to have hexagon shape, with the exact size for the nut so it will always fix inside the hole, preventing screw and nut lose, which ordinary plug does not cooperate this design.

Advantage: Prevent the loss of nut and screw.

7. Every piece can be disassembled:

The plug is symmetry (above and below) once assemble. With the dimension of 29.0 x 95.0 x 19.0 mm. and remarkable design, it encourages more confident for user when using electrical appliances, which normal plug does not have this design. (See Figure 7)

Advantage: Allow user to use different color between clip lock and the body.

8. Colorful:

The use of contrasting color between clip lock and the body helps emphasizing the different function of each part. There are 6 colors available, which are yellow, blue, green, orange, dark brown and transparent. (See Figure 8)


1. To assign various tasks with particular color e.g. for computer, for T.V. etc.

2. To specify different area of usage e.g. in the hospital, in the factory etc.

3. To define individual purpose in each organization.

9. Built-in neon lamp (0.25 W, 0.3 mA., 25,000-hour usage, more than 6 years of product life for 10 hours/day use, 62 ºC during lighting time):

These small neon lights in both plug and socket indicate electrical current flowing between power supply and Safety Plug. (See Figure 9)

Advantage: Provide more safety when using in darker area. This neon light will remind user to unplug electrical appliance after finish using.

10. High quality material:

Safety Plug’s body made from 100% A grade PC (Poly Carbonate) and recyclable, transparent (if not filling any color), durable and able to tolerate up to 280 ºC in heat oven for 2 hours. This material is used in automotive industry, camera manufacturing and other products that require high quality standard. (See pictures below)

Advantage: Endure more impact and extend product lifetime than common PVC plug



11. Conductive parts:

Both plug’s and socket’s conductive parts are made from brass. Screw and nut are made from metal. Every part is coated with nickel, which not only helps conducting electricity, but also help preventing oxidation with brass and metal pole.

Advantage: Lengthens product life and preserves material polish that normal plug cannot propose since they focus on cheaper price. (See picture below)

12. Plug and socket:

Are designed to be compatibly used with any type of socket around the world.

Advantage: Safety design for any types of plug’s pin and socket worldwide.


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