NIRAPAI Trademark

Under NIRAPAI™, it is a symbol for safety product related to all types of plugs in order to provide security for electricity user globally. With innovations that differentiate NIRAPAI™ product from other conventional plugs, we commit to create a better and safer future. With Thai population growing into aging society and female population dominating Thai society, safety plug will encourage safer lifestyle and help promoting…

For time to come, the company also has innovative products in the same group that have already been patented. They have been researched, tested and examined until they become prototype products and will soon to be produced and sold afterward in order to capture all consumer’s needs. Those products are:

  • 1. NIRAPAI safety extension plug (3-pin type)

  • 2. NIRAPAI socket (2-pin and 3-pin socket) with wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted

  • 3. Safety adapter

  • 4. NIRAPAI safety extension plug (Multi-plug Extension cord) to completely serve safety for all entire consumers.


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