NIRAPAI safety plugs usage

1. Hanging the plug over the ground for safety – User can use a common paper clip by inserting a clip inside NIRAPAI safety loop or using a ring or a rubber band.

2. Hanging a tag – User can use a tag to designate status, location, area, status, step for indicating temporary use and convenience.


3. Labeling – User can use labeling sticker on a tab behind to identify regular work for each plug.


4. Using with cable tie – User can insert a cable tie through NIRAPAI loops diagonally (as in pictures) for secondary safety in case the plug is dragged away, pulled of accidently or other unforeseen incidents.


5. Changing clip lock – In case locking clip is damaged or broken or user would like to change a locking clip to different color, please follow the instruction below.

Steps of changing locking clips:

1. Open the plug cover and prepare the new pair of locking clips. (Black clips in the picture.)

2. Take off the old pair of clip (Orange clips in the picture) on both sides of the case.

3. Install the new pair (black Clips) on both sides of the case.

4. After changing locking clips, make sure the plug cover is completely closed and screw it tightly for safe usage.

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